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The deep interior of teeth contain the nerve roots that can indicate infection or damage to the tooth. Intense tooth pain often is a symptom of a tooth infection that can cause abscesses and/or impact the nerve roots. Root canal therapy is often the only general dentistry solution to save a severe tooth infection. Our dental teams at Smile Structure Dentistry & Braces offer gentle root canal therapy to stop infected tooth pain at our clinics in San Antonio.

Teeth can contain up to four roots that connect teeth to the jaw. Inside each root is a canal that contains nerve roots and pulp, the live center of the tooth. When decay or infection breaches the outer layer of tooth and reaches the interior canals, inflammation can put pressure on the nerves. Not only does the infection cause pain, but it can also destroy the interior tooth. Removing the infected pulp is often the only way to save a tooth, which can be accomplished with root canal therapy.

Stop Infected Tooth Pain

Root canal therapy is endodontic surgery, a type of oral surgery involving the interior of teeth. Root canals are the best way to stop infected tooth pain and save the tooth from extraction. The procedure removes the infected pulp from inside the canals of the tooth and sterilizes the interior. The tooth is repacked with material and sealed with a filling and dental crown. Root canal therapy can often be performed in one visit to our clinics, relieving the pain of infection. A second appointment may be needed to add a permanent dental crown to protect the tooth from damage.

If you have a severe toothache, you could have an infected tooth. Root canal therapy at Smile Structure Dentistry & Braces can save your tooth from further damage and put an end to your tooth pain. Contact one of our clinics in San Antonio to schedule an exam to diagnose your tooth pain. If root canal therapy is needed, we provide a relaxing atmosphere and sedation dentistry options for your procedure.