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Aligned, straight teeth are not easy to obtain through genetics alone. Many factors can shift teeth out of place, resulting in overbites, underbites, crooked, gapped and overlapped teeth. Not only are even, straight teeth more attractive, but they are also easier to clean and keep healthy. Orthodontic treatment can give teens and adults straight, beautiful smiles that also improve oral and overall health. Our team at Smile Structure Dentistry & Braces offers orthodontics and braces for patients at our clinics in South and Northwest San Antonio.

There have been many advancements made in orthodontics to make it faster and more comfortable to achieve a straight, aligned smile. Both braces and clear aligners can achieve excellent results, with options for more discreet and comfortable treatment. The mechanics are similar in both braces and aligners. Slight adjustments in pressure are made to shift teeth into the desired position. Most orthodontic treatment is completed within two years, with some patients requiring more time and others needing only several months.

Solutions for a Straight, Healthy Smile

Whether you are an adult who wants to improve your smile and oral health, or you have a teen that needs orthodontic treatment, we have solutions to straighten your family’s smiles. We provide thorough orthodontic evaluations and discuss the different treatment options available. At Smile Structure we believe everyone deserves to love to smile, no matter their financial situation. Which is why we offer some of the lowest prices in town, with our braces starting as low as $99 per month!

A straight smile is a valuable asset. It creates teeth that are easier to clean and an appearance that is attractive. If you want to improve your smile with orthodontics, both braces and Invisalign can achieve the results you desire. Smile Structure Dentistry & Braces accepts many forms of dental insurance that covers orthodontic treatment, and we also offer payment and financing options. Contact the most convenient San Antonio location for you to schedule your orthodontic consultation with our dentist.