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San Antonio, TX dentist during pediatric dental checkup.

If you are in need of wisdom tooth removal and searching for a great dentist in the Helotes area, turn to Smile Structure Dentistry & Braces. Wisdom teeth include the last four molars, one on each end of the lower and upper set of teeth. These are the largest and last molars to arrive, usually emerging in the late teens. In some cases, wisdom teeth can cause oral health problems. When appropriate, wisdom teeth removal may be recommended. Our dental experts at Smile Structure Dentistry & Braces offer efficient wisdom teeth removal at our clinic in Helotes, TX.

Not all wisdom teeth need removal. Some people do not have any problems with their wisdom teeth, but many others may experience difficulties. Wisdom teeth can crowd existing teeth and cause misalignment. Those with narrow or smaller mouths may experience impacted wisdom teeth where the molars do not grow or emerge correctly. Wisdom tooth issues can result in infections, sinus problems and tooth misalignments. Wisdom teeth removal can resolve or prevent dental and oral health issues in many patients.

Stress-Free Wisdom Teeth Extraction

In many cases, all four wisdom teeth are removed to prevent oral health issues. Our dental team at Smile Structure Dentistry & Braces offers stress-free options to complete wisdom tooth extractions. Our clinics can provide sedation dentistry for wisdom teeth removal. Depending on the patient, general anesthesia or IV sedation may be recommended. Under sedation, the patient won’t feel pain and will not remember the procedure. It is necessary for a friend or family member to bring them home after the oral surgery.

If you have problems with your wisdom teeth or your teen has troublesome molars, contact our team at Smile Structure Dentistry & Braces in Helotes, TX. We can provide stress-free wisdom teeth extractions, with sedation dentistry available. Our clinics accept most types of dental insurance, and we have payment options available. Contact us today to schedule your consultation for wisdom teeth removal at our clinic in Helotes, TX.