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San Antonio, TX dentist during pediatric dental checkup.

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums are the key to preserving your smile and lowering your dental care costs. Daily oral care, routine professional teeth cleaning and dental checkups are the best way to maintain your smile. Our team at Smile Structure Dentistry & Braces offers preventive dental care that can reduce the chance of periodontal disease and identify dental issues in their early stages.

Dental cleanings are an important aspect of preventing gum disease. Tartar buildup on the teeth can cause irritation and inflammation of the gums, resulting in swollen and bleeding gums, gingivitis and the beginnings of gum disease. Teeth cleanings can remove tartar and bacteria, helping reduce the chance of gum infections and periodontal disease. Most adults should have two or more teeth cleanings per year as part of their preventive dental care.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

Catching dental problems early can minimize damage to your teeth and the cost of dental repairs. Comprehensive dental checkups at our clinics can identify pockets of decay, tooth fractures and other dental issues that need repair. Our dental team will discuss a treatment plan to address any dental issues to prevent further damage to your teeth. We work with our patients to find the best options to remove decay or repair damaged teeth to maintain a healthy smile.

A healthy, beautiful smile starts with routine oral care, including teeth cleaning and dental checkups. Our dental teams at Smile Structure Dentistry & Braces offer excellent preventive dental care and a wide selection of dental treatments for our patients of all ages. We accept many different dental insurance plans that cover preventive dental care at our clinics. Contact our office today to schedule your next checkup and cleaning at our office in Northwest or South San Antonio.