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Use Mouthwash and Reap The Benefits ,
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Approximately 50% of dental patients are unaware of the benefits of using mouthwash. Many people only consider mouthwash as a “breath freshener” and not as something that has value in dental health care. If you want to get the most out of your oral health care routine, brushing and flossing may not be enough. Keep reading to learn how you can reap the benefits of adding a mouthwash to your routine.

  • Decrease the development of cavities. The most important aspect of using mouthwash is that it helps prevent the development of cavities. Cavities form when oral bacteria produce acids that eat tiny holes into the enamel of the teeth. The American Dental Association (ADA) has given its seal of approval to mouthwashes that contain bacteria-killing ingredients. If you use mouthwash, make sure you look for the ADA seal to reap the full benefits of mouthwash.
  • Prevent plaque buildup. Since bacteria are responsible for creating plaque buildup, you will want to prevent further buildup with mouthwash. Of course, mouthwash will not remove any plaque that is already on the teeth. You will need to use dental floss to remove plaque. Still, mouthwash will kill the bacteria before it has an opportunity to create plaque.
  • Strengthen the tooth enamel. Specific mouthwash options have calcium and other ingredients that can strengthen tooth enamel. Look for these options if you are prone to developing cavities.
  • Fight gingivitis. Gum disease is the most severe oral health disease. It is caused by damaging plaque at the gum line that attacks and weakens the gum tissues. You can fight gum disease by incorporating mouthwash into your daily routine.
  • Mask bad breath. While stinky foods or beverages may cause bad breath, it can also be a condition that is caused by poor oral hygiene. Mouthwash can mask your bad breath while it is fighting against the bacteria and acids that cause your breath to stink.

Dentists highly recommend that patients who do not floss daily use mouthwash. Mouthwash should never be a substitute for brushing or flossing. However, to reap the benefits of complete oral health, supplementing your dental routine with mouthwash can help you have a smile that is healthy and bright.

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