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Root Canal Therapy ,
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Many people avoid going to the dentist. Whether it is out of fear or inconvenience, putting off dental visits can cause severe dental issues. At Smile Structure, we understand that not everyone enjoys visiting the dentist while at the same time understanding that oral health care is essential. We encourage you to be brave so that you can take care of your smile and help it last a lifetime.

Most of us take for granted that we only get one set of permanent teeth in life. We tend to think that because our teeth are “permanent” teeth, they will simply last. However, for your teeth to last permanently, they need to be well taken care of through preventative maintenance and restorative care when necessary. Flossing daily, brushing at least twice a day, and visiting the dentist regularly will go a long way in helping your teeth remain healthy. However, tooth damage and infection can occur unexpectedly, and it is crucial that you have any damage to the tooth treated immediately.

Relieve Your Pain Through Root Canal Therapy

Ask anyone who has ever had an infected or severely damaged tooth, and he will probably tell you that it is the most excruciating pain he’s ever experienced. That is because the inner layers of the teeth are made up of dentin and dental pulp, which house all of the blood vessels and nerve endings of the teeth. When an infection reaches the inside of a tooth, the sensitive nerve endings will be under constant attack and will feel extreme pain.

Root canal therapy is a dental procedure done to remove the infection from within a tooth, and it will relieve any dental pain associated with the tooth. There is nothing to fear from having a root canal! During the procedure, an anesthetic will be given to the tooth and surrounding area. The dentist will then open up the tooth and remove the infected area. Once the tooth is thoroughly cleaned out, medication will be administered to the tooth to kill all infection and prevent it from returning. Lastly, the tooth will be filled with a rubber-like substance, and a custom dental crown will be placed. This procedure allows you to keep your tooth so that your smile’s structure is not compromised.

At Smile Structure, we plead with you to contact our practice at the first sign of tooth pain. Please do not ignore any discomfort as it is a sign that something serious needs to be treated. Our root canal therapy is painless, and it will eliminate your pain.

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