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Reasons Why You Should Start Dental Visits Early ,
bably learning how to use a toothbrush

Any parent can tell you how fast children grow up. The changes and development in the first year of life alone are almost unbelievable as they go from sleeping most of the time to laughing, sitting up, walking, and saying their first words. Your child’s appearance also changes as he grows and fills out, and as he cuts teeth for his smile. These changes are fun to watch, but they are often hard to keep up with because they happen so rapidly. At Smile Structure, we know how important it is for parents to make their child’s oral health care a priority.

A great way to start your child on the road to oral health success is to offer him a soft-bristled toothbrush designed for babies. Always stay with your baby for supervision while he has the toothbrush and let him chew on the bristles. Not only will this introduce him to a toothbrush, but chewing on it will actually help to clean his gums and baby teeth. It will also feel good on your baby’s gums during the teething process.

Once your baby has teeth erupting inside his mouth, oral health care needs to be a priority. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that parents begin taking their children to the dentist at age one. The reasons why you should start dental visits so early are twofold:

  1. Children who visit the dentist from an early age are much more likely to have a healthy relationship with the dentist. The first few visits for a young child are all about fun! They are specifically set to make your child feel comfortable at the dentist so that he will not be scared of the dentist’s chair, dental tools, or having fingers put inside his mouth.
  2. Early dental appointments give the dentist a baseline for your child’s oral health. When your dentist is familiar with your child’s smile, it will be easy to detect anything amiss in future appointments.

At Smile Structure, we are proud to offer family dentistry. We know how important early dental visits are to a developing smile. Call today to schedule your child’s first appointment.

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