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Protect Your Smile During This Pandemic ,
Oral Health San Antonio TX

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, as of 8 am on March 23, 2020, until April 21, 2020 at midnight, the state has effectively shut down all dental offices. According to Greg Abbot’s Bill GA-09, all non-life preserving treatment is to be postponed to preserve masks and gloves for hospitals treating patients inflicted with COVID-19. At Smile Structure, we believe it is right and appropriate to comply with this bill to help hospitals and first responders in their efforts to preserve life.

We will make all efforts to treat any emergency or life-threatening dental conditions in accordance with GA-09. We appreciate the support and trust you have given us over the past few years, and we will make every effort to ride this wave with you and your families.
*If you have a dental emergency, contact: 210-863-5394.

With our office being closed, we encourage you to protect your smile during this pandemic by following 3 simple oral hygiene at-home steps:

1. Floss every day. Dental floss is the only tool that can effectively scrape damaging plaque away from the gum line and from between the teeth. Flossing is the most crucial step in oral hygiene, and it takes an average of 90 seconds to perform. If you have not been one to floss regularly, make it a habit now!
2. Brush your teeth often. Since you cannot make it to regular dental appointments during this pandemic period, we encourage you to brush your teeth often. Brush after every meal, brush after drinking beverages other than water, and brush after consuming alcohol. This frequent brushing will help keep damaging bacteria at bay within your mouth.
3. Make healthy eating and drinking choices. What you eat and drink affects your entire body – including your teeth. Sugars are the worst enemies of the teeth. Steer clear of sodas, juice, acidic beverages, and alcohol beverages to promote optimal oral health.

Again, we hate to miss the opportunity to serve you and your family during this time. Please stay safe, healthy, and wash your hands. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Posted on behalf of Smile Structure Dentistry & Braces