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Take Smart Sips for a Healthy Smile ,
Water in a Glass With Fruit

With summertime in full swing, it is easy to reach for the nearest and coldest beverage when you are hot. Cooling off and staying hydrated are extremely important on hot summer days, but it is essential that you take smart sips to promote a healthy smile.

As strange as it is, we often forget that what we eat and drink affects our smiles. Most of the time, we are generally concerned with how many calories or how much fat something contains. Yet, we overlook that how much sugar and acid a beverage contains can damage our smile. When you drink something that contains sugar and acid, you are literally bathing your teeth in damaging liquid.

Inside every mouth live millions of oral bacteria. These bacteria are present inside the mouth to help break down particles left behind after eating and drinking. While they mean to be helpful, as the bacteria go to work, they begin producing acids to help break down particles inside the mouth. These acids are what cause cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. If you frequently indulge in sugar-laden beverages to quench your thirst, your smile is likely to suffer greatly.

Beverages to avoid:

  • Carbonated soft drinks. Soft drinks are laden with sugar, and they also contain high amounts of phosphoric and citric acids that break down tooth enamel. *Diet drinks are not better options because they contain just as much acid.
  • Sports drinks. One of the most popular choices among kids and teens, these drinks taste good because they contain high amounts of sugar. The amount of sugar in one bottle can contain more sugar than two or three donuts.
  • Energy drinks. Just as with soft drinks, energy drinks are laden with sugar and acids. While these drinks make perk you up, they wreak havoc on your smile.
  • Alcohol. Beer, liquor, and mixed drinks are both sugary and highly acidic. Alcoholic beverages also lower the body’s immunity when consumed in high quantities, increasing your risk for cavities, tooth decay, and periodontal disease.

Smart beverage choices:

  • Water. Water is natural, free of toxins, and readily available. Water keeps the body hydrated, rinses away food particles left behind after eating, and provides fluoride for strong teeth.
  • Milk. Milk contains calcium and vitamin D to strengthen tooth enamel and the jawbone.

What you drink matters. At Smile Structure, we encourage you to make water your beverage of choice every day. If your smile has suffered damage from poor beverage choices, we can help restore the health of your entire mouth. Contact our practice today to schedule an appointment.

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